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What Pay TV System does RC Electronics use?
We use Telmor products to provide coverage for the Pay TV systems that we install at client premises.

These systems are easy to install and easy to work with. Telmor have been trading for almost 50 years and their expertise in this field of work have allowed them to produce solid and efficient channel distribution systems.  

Pay-Tel Pay TV System
PAY- TEL is a pay television system that provides a channel distribution service through cable TV. PAY-TEL can be installed in hotels, hotel apartments, houses and other similar facilities.

This system is particularly attractive to those who provide accommodation. It widens the range of services, improves the standard of the facility and makes the stay more enjoyable, at the same time allowing the owners to earn extra income.

How the system works
The customer is given a chip card that has been created (pre-programmed) according to the channels they wish to subscribe to. The customer takes this card to their room and places it in the subscriber Terminal reader. There are two methods upon which the customer can choose to be charged:-

  • Fixed period of time. The chip card is programmed for the reception of TV channels according to a designated amount of time (minutes/days).
  • Pay per minutes. The chip card is programmed for the reception of TV channels based on card readings. The customer will be charged according to the amount of time the television was used.

Detailed information on the system can be found by clicking HERE.

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